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Sennheiser Sound Academy

The Sennheiser Sound Academy offers you tailor-made learning systems and expert knowledge on an international level. As the company for professional sound solutions with a long-standing history, we can deepen your knowledge on new products or on service issues even when you already are a professional in your field.

Wireless Mics Monitoring Essentials - Marlow

This course is for new and existing users of wireless microphones and in-ear monitor systems who wish to further their understanding of the area for the benefit of their career. We are now pleased to offer a 50% discount for members of the Association of Sound Designers, Institute of Professional Sound and a 20% discount for those aged under 24 years. A complimentary copy of the Sound Academy Handbook is provided with the course.

Target Group:

  • Sound engineers
  • Sound designers
  • Live events professionals
  • Students/apprentices
  • Sales people
  • AV Technicians

Learning Objectives:

A basic introduction to Wireless Mics and In Ear Monitors technology



Module 1:  Basic Acoustics & Electrotechnology
Acoustics, Decibels, Electromagnetic waves, Distortions E-Learning

Module 2:  Wireless Mics & Monitoring
Choosing a microphone, Wireless microphone components, RF transmitters & receivers, Antennas & accessories, Choice of frequencies, Wireless Monitoring

Workshop 1:  Antenna technology
Compare the characteristics of various antennas with respect to range and transmission security, as well as how to handle antenna cables, splitters and boosters correctly.

Workshop 2:  Microphone technology
To select and position microphones correctly. To ensure the optimum audio gain structure of the radio links.

Workshop 3:  Frequency Management
To set up multichannel systems with secure frequency management, and to become familiar with the interference that may occur when incorrect frequencies are selected.

Workshop 4: Wireless Monitoring
Operate a wireless monitoring system.
Select frequencies in conjunction with radio microphones. Experience the difference between Stereo, Mono & Focus mode.


The Sound Academy's Basic Wireless Mics & Monitoring Course is accredited by Infocomm and successful participants of the course earn 10 RU credits towards the renewal of their CTS licence.


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Joe Mahoney

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