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Sennheiser Sound Academy

The Sennheiser Sound Academy offers you tailor-made learning systems and expert knowledge on an international level. As the company for professional sound solutions with a long-standing history, we can deepen your knowledge on new products or on service issues even when you already are a professional in your field.

Wireless Systems Manager Training - Brussels

Sennheiser Wireless Systems Manager is a professional software for remotely monitoring and controlling Sennheiser wireless microphone and in-ear systems. Wireless Systems Manager (Mac and Windows) makes it possible for users of wireless systems to monitor and operate remotely. From offline configuration to prepare your show until monitoring during the live situation. Wireless Systems Manager has the right tools for coordinating frequencies for Sennheiser wireless microphones, In-Ear and other wireless systems. Wireless Systems Manager also provides RF tools such as a spectrum analyzer and RF level recording. Wireless Systems Manager software can be used with the following systems: Digital 9000, Digital 6000, EW G3 series, EW G4 series, 2000 series, 3700/5000 series.

Target Group:

You are engaged with professional wireless microphone and In Ear systems and you want to further develop in configuring multi-channel wireless systems through Wireless Systems Manager software. This training is interesting for stage technicians - wireless technicians -theatre technicians - AV technicians FOH and Monitor engineers whom interested in learning more about configuring and monitoring Sennheiser wireless systems by the use of our software.It is expected that you have some general experience in using wireless microphone and In Ear systems on professional level.

Learning Objectives:

In the Wireless Systems Manager training you get started with the Wireless Systems Manager and learn all the necessary aspects of this software package. You learn how to make a system configuration - how to monitor and operate equipment via the software - to visualize the RF spectrum - to analyze and to perform thorough frequency coordination through various tools that Wireless Systems Manager offers you. You will also learn the background to plan an interference-free system and of course we will inform you about the local frequency regulations. The training is led by a Sennheiser RF specialist from the field.


Main topics that are covered during the Wireless Systems Manager training:

-Wireless Systems Manager system requirements.

-Software interface & menu's.

-Lay-out and panel configurations and scenes.

-Pre-configuring systems and devices offline.

-Device configuration and creating custom device profiles.

-Frequency coordination by using Easy-Setup and Professional-Setup.

-Understanding transmitter parameters and intermodulation-free coordination.

-Spectrum scanning and RF levelrecording.

-Multi-Acces and user rights.

-Generating reports.

-Firmware updating of devices.






Vincent Tilgenkamp

Number of Participants


Courtyard Brussels (View on Google Map)

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