Sennheiser Sound Academy

The Sennheiser Sound Academy offers you tailor-made learning systems and expert knowledge on an international level. As the company for professional sound solutions with a long-standing history, we can deepen your knowledge on new products or on service issues even when you already are a professional in your field.

Audio For Video Microphones - Mastered.

A detailed and practical day of training and product familiarisation on the different types of microphones used in film-making and content creation.

Target Group:

  • Videographers
  • Filmmakers
  • DSLR users
  • Content creators
  • Vloggers

Learning Objectives:

  • In depth knowledge of how best to capture sound for your videos.
  • Which microphone to choose and how best to use them.


The Sound Academy A4V course is for anyone who wants to improve the sound on their videos - whether you're shooting weddings, corporates, interviews, marketing content, cocumentaries, wildlife, vlogging and more.

A variety of product and technology subjects will be covered on the day, including:


The importance of excellent audio

Different microphone types - every scenario covered

Polar patterns demistified

After acquisition - monitoring and recording best practices

Top mics / shotguns / booms

Wireless microphones - the basic science behind radio frequencies

Lav mics - how to use, how to attach and other tips

How to cope with unwanted noise

Recording 3D spatial sound


Tickets/registration for this course is being handled by Wex Photo Video.


John McGregor

Number of Participants


Wex Photo Video, 37-39 Commercial Rd, Whitechapel, London E1 1LF (View on Google Map)