Sennheiser International Frequency Advisor (SIFA)

As a touring manager responsible for wireless microphone systems, you always need to be up-to-date on local regulations and frequency ranges allowed in each country. The Sennheiser International Frequency Advisor (SIFA) provides easy access to all information as well as immediate help when traveling worldwide. Access our international spectrum planning database or reach out to local Sennheiser RF experts: We'll not let you down in the middle of a performance.

Access the most up-to-date information

Managing local frequencies should not be rocket science. It should be easy. An independent team of spectrum managers constantly monitors and provides monthly updates to the SIFA database for 38 countries (with 27 additional countries targeted for the next update). Access the latest know-how for reliable information on local frequency regulations to plan your events.

Connect with Local Sennheiser RF Experts

We take it personally. Reach out to local Sennheiser RF experts. SIFA provides you with contact data and makes the connection. Our local RF experts are always there to assist you with more specific and more detailed information on local conditions.

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