Sennheiser Sound Academy

The Sennheiser Sound Academy offers you tailor-made learning systems and expert knowledge on an international level. As the company for professional sound solutions with a long-standing history, we can deepen your knowledge on new products or on service issues even when you already are a professional in your field.

Introduction to Sennheiser Wireless

This free course is an introduciton to the complete Sennheiser Wireless Portfolio. With guided explanation of the benefits to the different frequency ranges available and guidence on selecting the best product for each application or market.

Target Group:

  • Dealers
  • Sound engineers
  • Sound designers
  • Live events professionals
  • Students/Apprentices
  • AV Technicians


Pre Workshop Online Video Content

  • Squelch
  • Cable Loss Best Practice
  • Antenna Types /Direction/Polarisation
  • Diversity
  • Handheld - General Properties
  • Clip On - General Properties
  • Headsets - General Properties


Product / Frequency / Regulation

  • 2.4 GHz D1
  • 1.9 GHz SLDW AVX
  • 1.8 GHz G3 1G8
  • 800MHz G3 2K 3K XSW
  • 790-470 MHz D9K D6K G3 2K 6K


Explanation of Markets for Products

  • Audio 4 Video
  • Theatre
  • Live
  • Conference & Education
  • Broadcast


Moderated hands-on workshop with the complete product portfolio


Vincent Tilgenkamp - Customer development & Application Engineer

Number of Participants


XLR, Rue Pierre Strauwenstraat 24, B-1020 Laeken, Belgium (View on Google Map)